Kayaking In Romania

Kayaking In Romania

Romania is a beautiful European country  that many associate with Transylvania and medieval towns. It is an area that is green rolling hills, surrounded by mountains and plenty to see and explore. That is also perhaps one of the main reasons that people that people have discovered a newfound love of kayaking in this area. Do you know where the best places to go are located? If you are unsure, perhaps it is time for you to discover the best places for kayaking in Romania.

Relaxing Adventures

There are not many  large rivers in Romania. Therefore, you will most likely want to look harder at the rivers. One popular area for casual kayaking is the Mures River. It gives you a true glimpse of the natural scenery that makes this area most special. Other rivers include the Aries, Bistrita, and Nera rivers. Either of these areas will give you a chance to see Romania as it was meant to be seen; wild and untouched. The Danube Delta is also a popular choice and perhaps more well-known than some of the others.

Adventure Trips

Most all rivers in Romania get their start within the mountains and most all rivers can become a little more adventurous to kayak on when the snows are melting in the mountains. With this type of kayaking you will want to make sure you are using the proper type of kayak. You certainly don’t want a kayak made with the diy epoxy resin type, you’ll want a rugged kayak capable of handling whitewater. This means the months of April and June are ideal. The Buzau and Jiu are the most popular choices for the people who seek big adventuress. During the thaw they can challenge most all experienced kayakers, but they can be enjoyable during all other months of the year as well thanks to their abundant beauty.

Beach-side Fun

When looking at Kayak Places you may want to visit, you also need to consider the Romanian Coast. It is where you can see blue waters all around you and take your adventure to a whole new level with snorkeling, fishing, or any number of other adventures. It may not be as exciting as rapids, but there will be enough natural beauty to appeal to all nature lovers who want to see how great life in the slower kayaking lane can be.

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