True Romanian Beauty

True Romanian Beauty

Bran CastleIs there anything more beautiful than Romania? It has medieval castles, majestic architecture, and beautiful landscaping all around. It is a place that looks appealing both day and night and throughout all of the seasons. Therefore, it should not be surprising that the interiors of the buildings are just as much a sight to see as the surrounding countryside. The historical buildings you will see have been restored by people who love them. They all work together to bring out the true Romanian beauty that everyone who visits has come to expect.

History Comes Alive

One of the greatest things about Romania is the effort that has been put into keeping it beautiful. Dracula’s Castle is a great example of it. It is a castle that has been around since before 1377 and it still looks amazing rising above the trees overlooking Bran. If you are lucky enough to take a tour, you will discover that the interior is just as beautiful as the area it is located. All of it is decorated in a period friendly way so that you can truly take a walk through history when you walk through the doors.

The good news is; you can explore more than just the Bran Castle and it is recommended that when you venture to Romania, you plan to stay for a while. Otherwise, you will not be able to truly see all that this area has to offer, from dining experiences to outstanding places for you to stay while you are there.

Enjoy Your Stay

interiorsIf you are lucky enough to rent a home here, you will get a taste of its history. The homes that are traditional in style as well. However, there are some newer style homes that make a statement without the history. There are uniquely shaped homes and gypsy style homes everywhere. Some of these homes are made more beautiful by the lavishly styled built in woodworking. Many of the newer homes also use epoxy countertop diy techniques to preserve the wood to ensure it can become a part of Romanian history in the future.

See Romania The Way It Was Meant to be Seen

romanian statueThere are tours of the most beautiful historic sites in Romania and all of the surrounding countryside. There are several castles that you can explore. You can simply walk through the cities and explore the different architectural marvels that are there. Not all of them are buildings. There are numerous statues around the cities. Some show something from history and others are purely creative works of art. You can explore the countryside and take a walk through the woods on a hiking trip that you will not soon forget. The truth is, there are numerous possibilities. You only have to take a flight to the area and plan to enjoy all that is there for you to see. Once there, you will find more than you can imagine hidden somewhere among the true Romanian beauty. Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime?

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