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How to Battle Common Concert Pests

How to Battle Common Concert Pests

no see umsOutdoor concerts are a great place to go. There is something exciting about pyrotechnics and the crowd camping out for the weekend to see a show on Saturday. You know that everyone who attends is there to party hard and enjoy meeting new friends to party with. However, there are problems that come along with fun. It is the fact that that outdoor concerts often have a lot of pests for people to deal with, even if you are going during the cold weather months in certain areas. Do you know how to battle common concert pests? If not, perhaps you should learn before the next one.

The Pests We Hate

common biting pestsEveryone who lives in the south can tell you that insects are a problem year-round. There are always mosquitoes and gnats seem to enjoy the cool mornings and evening hours. These insects bite and swarm you when you walk outdoors. They are constantly migrating into other areas of the world so that even the cold weather areas have ended up with their own pests. Even if you are not dealing with those insects, you may still have no see ums, spiders, bees, and more.

Protecting Yourself from Pests

Even bees have things that they do not enjoy. If bees are becoming a problem for you, you should keep in mind that they enjoy sweet smells. They are attracted to them. This means that you should avoid flowery or fruity perfumes. If they are still an issue, you can make a spray repellent using peppermint oil, tea tree oil, or cinnamon along with baby shampoo. To give yourself more protection, you can use all three of the scents. Ideally, you will spray it around the area you are sitting in, but you can also spray it on your clothing. If you are simply worried about keeping them from around your tent or RV, you can use mothballs or cinnamon.

To deter spiders, you will have a harder time in the outdoors, but they do not like peppermint oil and vinegar, so you can spray it around your chairs or blankets. You can also use it around your tent and your RV.

There are numerous home remedies for people who want to get rid of mosquito bites and gnats. You can also discover how to get rid of no see ums and discover tricks on how to get rid of all potential for bites from gnats, mosquitoes and the bugs you cannot see easily.

Enjoy Your Concert

outdoor concert funYou put your money into attending a concert outdoors. You have been planning on a great time. No matter what season you are going to attend it in, or what bugs you will find when there, you can have a great time. These pests have things that they do not enjoy and by making the area around you unfavorable; you can get back to enjoying your weekend. Most people feel that a little effort to chase pests away is worth it if it works.

The Accessories You Will Want at Interval

The Accessories You Will Want at Interval

Interval is a concert that goes beyond all expectations. It is a challenge for musicians who take to the stage because they want to put on a great show, but it is also a challenge for the people who devote themselves to enjoying all that it has to offer. It is a party that is as exciting as any you may have ever attended before. However, because most people who attend want to get the most out of their time at Interval, you should not forget to think hard about the accessories that will make your experience more enjoyable.

Basic Necessities

How much of your time do you hope to spend at Interval? Are you a person who will party hard for a day and then go back to your normal life or do you plan to attend every concert, in every location, for the entire time that it is going on? Either way, there are necessities that you will want to have on hand. Clothing is something that will make things nice when you are out for days. Your clothes should be comfortable enough that you can stand or sit while wearing. They should be wearable both day and night unless you want to spend your time changing clothes. Cologne, perfume, insect repellents, money, a backpack, and all of your personal hygiene items should be within easy reach.

Comfort Items for Yourself

Hammock TentBecause of the fact that people party hard at Interval, there are several things that you may want to take along, especially if you are bringing a tent to avoid motel costs. As everyone who has attended Interval before, the price of motels can put a damper on the party and a tent makes things easier. However, many people choose not to have the tent because they want the modern conveniences of a room. This often means they do not get to enjoy the entire series of concerts. Other people, choose to make do with what they have to avoid the cost. They have tents with solar lights, battery powered radios for when the concert has slowed a little, and generators to keep their phones charged. A lot of them also take along a compact toilet for those times when Nature comes calling them in the great outdoors. The truth is, you can take virtually anything with you on your Interval experience, you simply have to find the products that will help you the most.

Most Important Things

Beyond the accessories you need, there will also be things that you want. Good company will be one of them. No one wants to attend Interval without someone they know well and care about along with them. You may meet thousands of people that you can get to know, but there will be none of them that can make sure you enjoy your time out partying than the people you have known for years. Plan ahead, get your group together, and everyone agree should that Rasnov will be the place where you become better friends.

True Romanian Beauty

True Romanian Beauty

Bran CastleIs there anything more beautiful than Romania? It has medieval castles, majestic architecture, and beautiful landscaping all around. It is a place that looks appealing both day and night and throughout all of the seasons. Therefore, it should not be surprising that the interiors of the buildings are just as much a sight to see as the surrounding countryside. The historical buildings you will see have been restored by people who love them. They all work together to bring out the true Romanian beauty that everyone who visits has come to expect.

History Comes Alive

One of the greatest things about Romania is the effort that has been put into keeping it beautiful. Dracula’s Castle is a great example of it. It is a castle that has been around since before 1377 and it still looks amazing rising above the trees overlooking Bran. If you are lucky enough to take a tour, you will discover that the interior is just as beautiful as the area it is located. All of it is decorated in a period friendly way so that you can truly take a walk through history when you walk through the doors.

The good news is; you can explore more than just the Bran Castle and it is recommended that when you venture to Romania, you plan to stay for a while. Otherwise, you will not be able to truly see all that this area has to offer, from dining experiences to outstanding places for you to stay while you are there.

Enjoy Your Stay

interiorsIf you are lucky enough to rent a home here, you will get a taste of its history. The homes that are traditional in style as well. However, there are some newer style homes that make a statement without the history. There are uniquely shaped homes and gypsy style homes everywhere. Some of these homes are made more beautiful by the lavishly styled built in woodworking. Many of the newer homes also use epoxy countertop diy techniques to preserve the wood to ensure it can become a part of Romanian history in the future.

See Romania The Way It Was Meant to be Seen

romanian statueThere are tours of the most beautiful historic sites in Romania and all of the surrounding countryside. There are several castles that you can explore. You can simply walk through the cities and explore the different architectural marvels that are there. Not all of them are buildings. There are numerous statues around the cities. Some show something from history and others are purely creative works of art. You can explore the countryside and take a walk through the woods on a hiking trip that you will not soon forget. The truth is, there are numerous possibilities. You only have to take a flight to the area and plan to enjoy all that is there for you to see. Once there, you will find more than you can imagine hidden somewhere among the true Romanian beauty. Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime?

Kayaking In Romania

Kayaking In Romania

Romania is a beautiful European country  that many associate with Transylvania and medieval towns. It is an area that is green rolling hills, surrounded by mountains and plenty to see and explore. That is also perhaps one of the main reasons that people that people have discovered a newfound love of kayaking in this area. Do you know where the best places to go are located? If you are unsure, perhaps it is time for you to discover the best places for kayaking in Romania.

Relaxing Adventures

There are not many  large rivers in Romania. Therefore, you will most likely want to look harder at the rivers. One popular area for casual kayaking is the Mures River. It gives you a true glimpse of the natural scenery that makes this area most special. Other rivers include the Aries, Bistrita, and Nera rivers. Either of these areas will give you a chance to see Romania as it was meant to be seen; wild and untouched. The Danube Delta is also a popular choice and perhaps more well-known than some of the others.

Adventure Trips

Most all rivers in Romania get their start within the mountains and most all rivers can become a little more adventurous to kayak on when the snows are melting in the mountains. With this type of kayaking you will want to make sure you are using the proper type of kayak. You certainly don’t want a kayak made with the diy epoxy resin type, you’ll want a rugged kayak capable of handling whitewater. This means the months of April and June are ideal. The Buzau and Jiu are the most popular choices for the people who seek big adventuress. During the thaw they can challenge most all experienced kayakers, but they can be enjoyable during all other months of the year as well thanks to their abundant beauty.

Beach-side Fun

When looking at Kayak Places you may want to visit, you also need to consider the Romanian Coast. It is where you can see blue waters all around you and take your adventure to a whole new level with snorkeling, fishing, or any number of other adventures. It may not be as exciting as rapids, but there will be enough natural beauty to appeal to all nature lovers who want to see how great life in the slower kayaking lane can be.